October news



 Incendiary News.

Well there’s only one real bit of news we can all think of here and that’s the fact that after 10 weeks of  hard labour (often driven on by whips and forks and Damian’s collection of fluffy toys) we’ve re-launched the spanking new Incendiary magazine! We sincerely hope you like it. Obviously minor details and features will be added as the months go by to make it (in newspaper parlance) “bigger and better”. Let us know if there’s something you think we’ve forgotten or something that could benefit the site.

Hag, Alex, Sara, you did a magnificent job and we humble luddites are in thrall to your skills.

The other piece of news is that our proprietor Jon Dekel is moving back to Canada for a while. He’ll still be contributing, so no tears, folks. We all wish him the very best of luck. A fuller, shall we say more robust, ‘appreciation’ of Jon appears in our gossip column this month, so check it out.

Other stuff I can think of? Well, predictably Nick Cave sold out the Heineken music hall in days, and Franz Ferdinand are rapidly doing so. It seems they’ve travelled a long way from the upstairs at the Paradiso last November. Talking of sensations, I’d be interested to know precisely where everyone stands on the Libertines. In fact, should we care? Incendiary were somewhat underwhelmed by the gigs they’ve played in Holland; the disastrous Melkweg gig last year (okay we can excuse them that given the Doherty inspired shenanigans that preceded that show), but Bazar Curieux at Nighttown? Limper than a Marie biscuit in cold tea, I thought. Does this all smell a bit like Salem witch trial collective hysteria? I genuinely can’t make up my mind. Maybe it says something more about the machinations of the ‘alternative music scene’ than it does about the band in question.

One other thing. Incendiary could not buy, beg, steal or borrow a ticket for the  Nick Cave and Tom Waits gigs. If you or anyone you know is going along, how would you feel about writing the review? I’ll buy you a crate of booze. Okay, that’s our first competition. 

TTFN Richard