1990s – Cookies

a basket of good eggs

a basket of good eggs


If you’ve heard of the 1990s then you’ve probably heard that lead fella Jackie McKeown used to play in a band with a certain Mr Kapranos, which is fair enough. It’s a way of giving a new band some kind of rock heritage — They’re ever so slightly related to the Ferdinand so therefore they must be good — Also, Cookies was (very handsomely) produced by Mr Bernard Butler using "lovely vintage equipment provided by Edwyn Collins," so if you’re looking for heritage there’s a couple of scouts honour badges right there. Still, that amounts for nothing if the music’s a pile of shite does it?


Divvent fret, as they say round my old haunts, this is a belter. I’m relieved to say that this sounds absolutely nothing like Franz Ferdinand. If anything, this is reminiscent of Primal Scream, when they’ve got their "We don’t give a monkeys and we’re going to have a good time" head on. I’m thinking of Give Out But Don’t Give Up and last year’s Riot City Blues, if you’re interested. This is not rocket science and it’s not supposed to be. Sure, you get some clever clever chord changes every now and again and some bloody good harmonies every once in a while, but Cookies is basically just a basket of good eggs. Splash your money on this and what you’ll get in return is a three piece rock band (good stuff, keep it simple lads) handing you a dozen songs that won’t leave you alone until they’ve slapped a big stupid grin on your face and your feet have uncontrollably started tapping to the beat. And that’s just what the doctor ordered isn’t it?


This isn’t an album that you’ll hear, applaud and sing it’s praises to all of your friends, ordering them to bow down and worship its majesty while it sits there on your shelf for years at a time without ever getting listened to. (Kid A fans I’m talking to you!) Instead, Cookies is the album you’ll put on in the car when you’re driving your mates to the beach this summer. It’s the album you’ll play when you’re cooking something in the kitchen. It’s the album that will remind you of summer 2007 and guess what, if this is the soundtrack, it has chance to be a bloody good one. Oh, and the lyrics are bonkers, so there’s another scouts honour badge for you.


Words: Damian Leslie