Euros Childs – The Miracle Inn

some of the most beautiful tunes he’s ever written

some of the most beautiful tunes he’s ever written


The Miracle Inn is the third solo album from Gorkys Zygotic Mynci singer Euros Childs. Its also his second this year, so its nice to know that he’s been keeping himself busy. It’s also great to know that The Miracle Inn is another beautiful record. Gorkys never really got the credit they deserve as far as sales go, but there was no denying the talent at work there. Euros continues that high vein of form here, with some of the most beautiful tunes he’s ever written.


Over You tip taps its way through two and a half minutes of grin inducing indie pop. Check out those oohs in the background too, marvellous. Horseriding commands your attention with its jaunty piano parts and feels like a blend of Supergrass’ Alright with Roxy Music’s Do The Strand and is every bit as delightful as that sounds. Ali Day is another two minute marvel that contains some even jauntier piano playing and a chorus you’ll instantly want to sing along with.


Think I’ll Run Away drops the piano and the tempo and moves into Nick Drake territory, which is very nice indeed. Outside My Window makes magic out of a church organ dirge and a hi hat. Hard Times Wondering spends a minute of a half in Nick Drake territory again before the drums kick in and the tune builds up over a round of the title and just when you think it might burst into life and completely wig out, it ends, which would be quite disappointing if it weren’t so pleasant. The title track itself takes up almost half the album, clocking in at over 15 minutes. It gets away with it because its basically four songs in one and is a joy from start to finish. Closing things off, you get the beautiful and laid back Go Back Soon, which will relax you better than a bath full of lavendar salts.


It was sad to see the end of Gorky’s, but if we keep getting albums as good as this as a result, I don’t think there’ll be many complaints. The Miracle Inn is an absolute joy.


Words : Damian Leslie