Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst does a Tom Petty impersonation for 40 minutes

There’s almost no point in reviewing this. It’s got Conor Oberst involved, so you know it’s going to be worth checking out. Personally I rank him up alongside Ryan Adams as one of the best songwriters operating at the moment. Like Ryan Adams, he’s a prolific son of a bitch too. Quality AND quantity? Who’d a thunk it? Sign me up.


Yes, well, the Bright Eyes crew have been told to go lie down in the corner and get their breath back while Conor has gathered a few mates together and decided to give his own ego a bit of a scratch. (Not that it needed it!) The result is an album that should possibly have “Conor Oberst does a Tom Petty impersonation for 40 minutes” written on the cover, but hey, what do you care? It’s Conor Oberst. Of course you’re going to buy it. You’ll also probably like it a hell of a lot too.


Words: Damian Leslie