Unicycle Loves You – Unicycle Loves You

The music jumps up and down like a fat man’s heart monitor after a run to the kebab shop

Everybody bounce! No, not in that hip-hop way, but more in a kind of space hopper cum pogo stick  way. Swing your head from side to side, wave your arms around with no real coordination and spill your beer all over the place. You know, the kind of thing you do when you’re drunk in a bar and are having way too much fun to care about anything else other than jumping up and down for a few minutes. That’s it! See how much better you feel? Now then, grab this, press play and do it repeatedly for a little over half an hour. You’ll be knackered by the end of it, and your carpet will be ruined, but you’ll have had a bloody good time in doing so.


You see, Unicycle Loves You are a lot of fun. They remind me a lot of Supergrass, although I’ll bet that at least one of them has a Devo album in their collection and, hey, seems as I’m throwing stuff out there for no apparent reason I’ll wager a tenner that one of them has spent hours in their bedroom studying Kim Deal’s bass lines. What does that matter? Not a lot to be honest.


What does matter is that, if you’re in the need for something that’s got a bit of a jollier outlook on life than what you’ve been listening to lately, you could do worse than pick this up. Listening to this is the aural equivalent of drinking a pint of Sunny D and eating a whole pack of wine gums. Music by e-numbers. It’s a complete sugar rush and should really come with a health warning.


The music jumps up and down like a fat man’s heart monitor after a run to the kebab shop and is perfect for those of you with attention deficit disorder. Every song contains an album full of ideas. Slow bit, fast bit, slower bit, faster bit, slow bit again, doo doo bit, waa waa bit, faster bit, dum dum dum bit, woah oh oh bit, slow bit, faster bit. The songs change track so often they end up going round in circles, but who gives a toss when its this much fun?


There may be a rhyme and reason to the whole thing, but frankly I’m not bothered about it. They have a song entitled “Woman Bait For Manfish,” for Christ’s sake! That’s enough for me. All I want to do is fill my glass up, climb on that pogo stick and ruin the carpet some more. Won’t you join me?


Words: Damian Leslie