Pony Pack – Claws and Fists

Clash, bang, clatter, clatter.



Clash, bang, clatter, clatter. It’s the way most garage bands work. Pony Pack are a Dutch three piece and they’re no different. Screaming banshee vocals, crash bang drumming and scuzzy guitar riffs are the stylings of choice here and there’s nothing wrong with that. Claws and Fists is twelve songs of full of such indie-pop goodness you should expect to hear some of this before and after every guitar band gig you attend this year up and down the flat land. It’s basic stuff, to be sure, but when you’ve got lines like “I’m all over you, when I should be over you,” then there’s enough to pique your interest. There’s not much variation, but when you’ve got a head full of alcohol and there’s space on the dancefloor, are you really going to give a shit?


Get your party head on.


Words: Damian Leslie