The Drums – Summertime

Go whistle.


Ok, I can see how this happened. There’s a lot of whistling going on here you see, and all indie pop and whistling makes A&R men think they’ve found the new Peter, Bjorn and John.


Summertime is perfectly passable. In fact, it’s reasonably entertaining and quite catchy in places but I’d be lying to you if I said it was something you should rush out and buy. Don’t Be A Jerk, Johnny is probably the best thing here, in that it gives off a faint hint of affection for New Order and The Cure and the female guest vocals help it a lot, but it’s too slight to be worthy of any real, lasting attention. It wouldn’t sound out of place in a nightclub at two in the morning, but it feels like there’s something missing from it and by that I mean a full instrument. That goes for the whole EP too, overall, there’s just something lacking.

And one more thing. If the most interesting piece of percussion you put on your EP is a bit of finger clicking (Don’t Be A Jerk, Johnny again) then I don’t think you should be allowed to call yourselves The Drums. You must try harder. Go away, build up a lot of affection for tribal rhythms and purchase a couple of congas and maybe then we can try again. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on them, but don’t worry about it because in six months time you’ll have forgotten about them anyway, which perhaps makes them the new Peter, Bjorn and John after all?

Go whistle.