The Album Leaf – A Chorus Of Storytellers


A Chorus Of Storytellers should come with a warning sticker. Not one of those explicit lyrics stickers you’ve seena  thousand times over and never take any notice of, but rather a warning that says – Warning. Serious changes to your lifestyle may occur after living with this album for a while. Heavy stuff I know but, seriously, don’t try to work with this album on because your productivity will diminish severely. This album has been sitting around the shed for months now and the only reason this review hasn’t materialized before is not from laziness (ok, that’s probably part of the reason) but simply because this album just transports you and there have been hours spent just staring off into the distance, daydreaming along with this album that we simply lose the will, and the strength to write anything after listening to it.

A Chorus of Storytellers is a dreamy album; a scintillating and fascintating record that, if you’re not careful, could make you inexplicably start crying for no apparent reason. It’s mesmerizing and powerful and yet incredibly subtle. It’s a joy from start to finish and easily, EASILY, one of the best album’s you’ll hear all year but for God’s sake don’t go for a drive whilst listening to it, you could end up in Belgium if you’re not careful.

Hypnotic. Mesmeric. Beautiful. Compelling. Wonderful. A Chorus Of Stroytellers is the kind of album that only comes round once in a blue moon. It’s a triumph and you owe it to yourself to lose a big chunk of your life to it.