Violet Violet – The Ebony and Ivory EP

Most exciting band in England right now? You could do worse than invest in Violet Violet, that’s for sure. These girls are astonishing and they’re getting better all the time, which is scary as they were bloody good to begin with. The Ebony and Ivory EP is a bolshy, brash and head pounding little 4 track number. Ultimately it’s just over 13 minutes of the most energetic, exciting and self-confident garage rock music and it fucking rocks!


With a vibrant mix of sex, sleaze and heart pumping rock and roll, Violet Violet are a boy’s wet dream of a band. Girl power never came anywhere close to this. One thing is obvious, however, on this evidence, these girls deserve to be fucking huge. The Ebony and Ivory EP is, for want of no other words, outstanding. Go buy it. That’s an order.