Sleepy Sun, 15/08/10 Melkweg, Amsterdam

First I must confess…

First I must confess…
Forgive me readers and fellow appreciators of all things quirky & musical, I have sinned.  It’s been years since my last interview or band review for Incendiary… and my sinning exists in not listening to music or caring about new bands for what feels like decades, but was really only a period of about 3 years.  I’ve just not been interested in many of the new bands coming out, which alienated me a bit from my good friends at Incendiary.  I can say that I mainly felt this way because many new bands out in the last 3-5 years sound like bands from the past, and to be perfectly honest, bands that I’d rather listen to.   I’d rather break out those old records than listen to the new regurgitated versions.

Case in point…. Sleepy Sun… the references might be transparent to some and yes, there’s a hint of Pink Floyd, dash of Blind Faith and a lick of The Stone Roses and sprinkle of Blind Melon.  However Sleepy Sun’s referencing of their influences is done is a very honorable and rapturous way and is in no way unappetizing nor obvious.  Regardless, I am sick of this “sounds like” war games… it’s nearly impossible for anyone to be original anymore, in music anything else…  now that everyone is connected via smart phone to the main frame brain, 24/7. 

Sleepy Sun honestly blew me away with their warm, delicious stew of folk, blues, roots, prog and yes psychedelic rock.  Every member of the band is an excellent musician and together they manipulate both sounds and use of volume to encompass you in their world.   Their sound is dynamically full and rich with texture and subtleties.   I forgot where I was, whom I was, enchanted by the sound, but then again I am a bit of a sucker for hippie shit.  They also really enjoy their craft of being musical entertainers and that always makes for a great show.  All this, combined with very well done sound from their sound tech and lighting effects, it was a complete package. I was also in good company, escaping the rain, hiding out in the mighty Melkweg who just turned 40 this year, groovin’ out to the Sleepy Sun on a lazy Sunday eve.  Ahhhh Bliss. 

They are back in Amsterdam in November and will definitely be attending and possibly stalking or following them on the road.  I had the privilege of talking to their delightful singer Brett for a few minutes after the show… what a sweet, kind young soul he is.   The type you definitely want to buy a few beers for and talk about your favorite sweater with…  well, maybe that’s just me.