The Janice Graham Band – No Money Honey b/w Sugar Me Tea

Incendiary doesn’t review many singles, but we thought this one was really special, unique even. A record that screams character, the singer spits out one liners in No Money Honey with a venom and force: it’s as if he’s been jumped in a queue for the taxis after the pubs close. The line "good with a bit o’ bud/fine with a bit o’ wine" is sensational* and drives the beat in a really clever way. I have no idea how old this lot are, they sound assured enough to be all of 18 or so, and I doubt whether an older or "hipper/hipster" singer would have the gumption to sound like a transvestite on 40 fags a day.


Once you can drag your attention from the astonishing vocal delivery you’ll notice the very inventive, bubbling music that underpins the song: it’s either supremely edited or the work of a bunch of schizophrenics, it’s so restless. Musically it’s that classic North Western stew of soul, garage pop and ever so slightly camp WMC cabaret. A mention should be given to the trumpet/cornet parts as they are marvellous. This brass sound drives the wry "morning after" stroll that is Sugar Me Tea, where they add a signature bucolic note you’d expect to hear on a Ratpack show.  A tremendous single, with the ingredients  music has been lacking of late (i.e. character), you just can’t ignore this.


(*Also beyond this reviewer: who thought they sang bit o’ pud, that’s when streetwise Manchester runs up against backwoods Accrington for you!)