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Cath Aubergine grew up in Cheshire in the shadow of a chemical factory which sometimes turned the river orange. This may or may not have had lasting effects. It was however usefully close to Manchester where she published her first fanzine “Bobstonkin’ Aubergines” in 1989. After spending most of the 90s exiled in Salford trying to grow up she admitted defeat in 2001, moved back over the Irwell and started going to too many gigs instead, peaking with an insane and possibly record-breaking 279 in 2007. Cath started writing about music again for in 2003, and now manages the site as well as blogging sporadically at, helping out with local bands, campaigning against pay-to-play promoters - and somehow holding down a proper job to fund her excessive music habits. Cath is obsessed with ten inch vinyl and aspires to have one day stayed at every Travelodge in Britain, apart from the shit ones on motorway junctions.

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