A Franz Ferdinand review

How do you scalp a scalper? Ask the girls….

How do you scalp a scalper? Ask the girls….

Incendiary were out in force when Franz Ferdinand came to town. In fact, I think about 95 percent of all Incendiary heads were in attendance (we kept a register). Annemieke and Madeleine were there and even though they were told they didn’t have to review the show, they just couldn’t help themselves. Here’s a note from our lovely ladies…


The big day had finally arrived! Franz Ferdinand were coming to

Amsterdam and they would perform in the Heineken Music Hall. Of course we wouldn’t want to miss that for the world and if you don’t want to miss something, you make sure to get yourself a ticket while you still can. Annemieke was cleaver enough to do so, while Madeleine was a bit late..


So we went to Amsterdam with only one ticket while being with two persons. When we arrived at the Heineken Music Hall we tried to get in by pretending we were on the guestlist but when that didn’t work we used all our charms and scalped a second ticket for a very reasonable price. We even knocked off €5. That’s what we call business skills!


All excited that we finally got in, we checked the place out. It was

fabulous; ice cream, pizza, drinks, free internet and the concert hadn’t even started yet.


Tonight was all about Franz Ferdinand, a band from Glasgow who started

In their own illegal Chateau. There is ‘the man with the voice’ – Alex doing the vocals, ‘pretty boy’ – nick playing the guitar, ‘the guy who rocks you to your very soul’- Bob on bass, and last but not least Paul banging the drumms.


While the support acts were on, the Hall filled up. The show started with Sons & Daughters, a four person band, who are

Also from Glasgow. With their folk-rock sound they didn’t really impress us, and neither did their strange dresses. But the Kills, they were fantastic. What a voice that girl has!


Thanks to Incendiary we were introduced to someone called Bob who was just standing in the crowd while Sons & Daughters were performing. Stupid girls that we are we found out later that this Bob was actually THE Bob playing bass in Franz Ferdinand’. You can imagine the embarrassment.



After the support acts stopped supporting, we went and found ourselves some nice seets on the balcony so that we could avoid being knocked out by the jumping audience. From our new spot we had the best view ever. Excited, we waited for the band.. and there they were, kicking off with their song ‘Michael’. Alex once said he wanted to make music for girls to dance to. Well he certainly accomplished that goal, we couldn’t hold still for a minute!


The concert was hot! During ‘darts of pleasure’ we could actually feel

Our temperature rising. ‘The phrase ‘undress your eyes’ won’t be one we’ll easily forget.. Praise that man, for he has one hell of a sexy voice!!


It was great to see the audience jump and sing along with the songs.

Not all the songs were familiar, Franz Ferdinand also played some new songs that seemed to be received very well. We sure liked them!


If it was up to us the band would have played for hours, but after

about one and a half hours the band left the stage but not before giving a great encore of course. And unfortunately that was the signal for us to go and catch our train.. But it was definitely a great night!



Letter: Annemieke and Madeleine