Miller Carr – Miller Carr

what we have here is nothing short of outstanding

what we have here is nothing short of outstanding


My dear Incendiary heads, what we have here is nothing short of outstanding. Miller Carr has crafted an album that’s so sharp, so precise, so cleverly constructed that I could simply write, “This is fucking brilliant!” and be done with it. But I won’t.


Some albums grow on you. Some albums will hit you straight away. From the moment you press play on this, Miller Carr will command your attention. Within seconds, he’ll have you under his spell. Or Under The Lion’s Paw I should say as that’s the title of the opening track.


Under The Lion’s Paw is initially reminiscent of Vanishing Point era Primal Scream, but within a few seconds it grows into something much more than that. This isn’t the soundtrack to an after the pub session in a Glasgow bedsit like Vanishing Point was. Oh no, this is far too classy for that. Lion’s Paw comes at you with such a swagger and such a sense of pride filling it that it should be the soundtrack you choose when walking through Paris in a sharp suit. This, my dear Incendiary heads, is smart, sophisticated pop music. It’s got such a sense of style and atmosphere to it that I just had to applaud. But wait, that’s just the first track. It gets better from there on.


This album is sleazy, sharp and incredibly clever. It’s part jazz, part rock, as sharp and clever as a John Coltrane cut yet as sleazy and intense as the Velvet Underground at their best. It is unsettling, eerie and yet strangely welcoming. Miller himself screams and moans and yet he never once sounds like he’s whining. This album has a little bit of everything. This album is… this album is…. Oh fuck it….


This is brilliant. Go buy it.


Words: Damian Leslie