Sugarplum Fairies – Chinese Leftovers

so charming, you’ll want it to be the soundtrack for your next fond memory


You won’t want to listen to this on your own. Trust me. Get on the phone or log on to your favourite internet social network site and gather up a bunch of friends and head to the beach or the park or something and pop this cd in the car stereo because this is the kind of album that’s so charming, you’ll want it to be the soundtrack for your next fond memory. Honestly, it’s so lovely, it’ll give you the same kind of warm glow you get when you flick through an old photo album.


Sugarplum Fairies is mainly the work of Ben Bohm and Sylvia Ryder with a bunch of friends helping out where necessary and Chinese Leftovers is an indie dream of an album. The music is laid back to the point that you wonder if anyone’s actually playing anything as it sounds so effortless and Ryder has the kind of voice that makes you think that she could fall asleep at any moment. It works wonders.


You could probably live without the cover of I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine, if only because it’s nowhere near as powerful as Beth Orton’s version, but the cover or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Mercy is absolutely gorgeous. Elsewhere, it’s all their own stuff and they’re so good at what they do you’ll probably fall in love way before you get to Hold On To Me, but when you do get there, you’ll probably not want to let go.


This is such a beguiling record, it will really cast a spell over you, so get your friends together and go out and make 2009 a year to remember because if you do, Sugarplum Fairies will never let you forget it. Bless them.


Highly, highly recommended.


Words: Damian Leslie