The Color Turning – Good Hands Bad Blood

expect to hear it all over the place if the marketing machine gets behind them

expect to hear it all over the place if the marketing machine gets behind them

These guys think big. They’re signed to Scott Weiland’s record label, so they could have a few ego issues, but even that could serve them well for this is an immense piece of work. The album kicks off with a near seven minute song of epic proportions (I told you they may have ego issues) but who gives a shit when it’s seven minutes of bloody marvellousness? Essentially, it’s about five songs in one, to-ing and fro-ing between them with ease and style. It’s so atmospheric it rivals Patrick Watson in the dreamy aural landscape stakes and is a wonderful way of opening an album and introducing you to the world of The Color Turning. Everything else feels just as full blooded and confident. Where The Sky Ends is a proper, big hearted rock song, with handfuls of drum fills, a clever hook and some sharp, crisp guitar lines slicing through it. It also has some heavy breathing towards the end, which is nice.

Marionettes in Modern Times’ keyboards suggest they’re looking to fill arenas instead of sticky floored bar rooms and I’d expect to hear it all over the place if the marketing machine gets behind them. It’s got a hit written all over it, which of course means it’s one of the least interesting songs on the record. Awake is another fine example of a single waiting to happen, as is Doppelganger with it’s tub thumping drum beat and crunchy chorus but check out New Hooligan, which is the kind of toe tapping rock song Johnny Borrell has so spectacularly failed to deliver yet believes he can write in his sleep. I tell you, these guys are a real find and are well worth your time and money. Imagine if the Doves had grown up in LA instead of Manchester and you’ll be part of the way there.

Ok, they may have a name that sounds like they’ve plucked three words from any sentence at random but they have crafted a big, hearty album that suggests they want it all and thankfully they’ve got the talent to go and get it. This is mainstream rock with some substance behind it. Size matters, after all. Just embrace them now, before they get famous, make a load of money, take a load of drugs and piss it all up the wall.

Words: Damian Leslie