The Sexy Accident – mantoloking

pleasing enough

The Sexy Accident are a good old fashioned pub rock band, the type you imagine play in the back rooms of bars the world over. They’re pleasing enough and they certainly sound like they’re having a blast, but lyrically they’re not so strong, it must be said. I Just Need My Car is terrible actually, but we’ll forgive them that because you can still have a good time with the tune. There’s nothing really ground-breaking on here and to be honest it would be quite easy to just dismiss them, if it weren’t for one thing. The singer occasionally, and it may only be for brief moments at a time but it’s there and you’ll love it…… occasionally he sounds like Kermit the frog and you know as well as I do that that’s worth bonus points in and of itself.

Everything in the world is improved with the presence of a Muppet. Even middle-of-the-road rock bands it seems.

Words: Damian Leslie