J Edgar Hoova & the Body Removers -Take Your Dead Ass Home

I immediately flew into a huge whiskey-fuelled rage (from which Farnsworth still carries a slight limp in his right leg) before embarking on a rampage through the Roger studio destroying 17 Flying Vs, 412 pairs of sunglasses, 9 army jackets, 3 vintage bass guitars, 1 vintage copy of Playboy… nothing was spared – I destroyed or urinated on all of them.

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Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette

The last song, Love Connection is described in the sleeve notes thus; “Love Connection is a cover of a Parenthetical Girls song, which features a sparse, Congolese influenced arrangement that Ashworth (that’s Mr. Casiotone to you, folks) created while acting as a guest member of the band”. This is the one about menstrual fluids by the way. It’s great.


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