rarararararaRA! (2 Hot 2 Sweat )

You know with a title like that these guys aren’t going to be a bunch of chin-stroking musos. Over the course of this mini-album this boy-girl duo meld electro-pop silliness,  trashy guitar sounds and lyrics that fall somewhere between the daft and the arch. This is music for getting shit-faced and dancing like a twat, not contemplating in your bedroom (which does rather put reviewers at a disadvantage). 


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Balthazar – Applause

First off a note to any antipodean head-bangers – these guys aren’t the Kiwi metalists that apparently share the same name. No this Balthazar hail from from Belgium and describe themselves as ‘alternative pop’. This is an amalgam of two words which tend to obscure as much as they reveal. But it is ever thus with any of the myriad genre names chucked at bands.
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Trans Am – Thing

Apparently Trans Am were originally commissioned to do the soundtrack for a Hollywood sci-fi film, but the project fell apart and the band forged on with their own album. This story may, of course, be bollocks as Trans Am are a band who aren’t strangers to taking the piss.
Nevertheless the album is suffused with a sci-fi feel and much of it could easily fit over some intergalactic wide-screen chicanery. From the song titles Black Matter, Naked Singularity and Space Dock it is clear where the obsession of the album lies.
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