Incendiary News December 2005

Sorry we were away for a little while

Sorry we were away for a little while

December Incendiary News


Sorry we were away for a little while! To be perfectly truthful, we were all a tad fagged out after organising our birthday bash on October the 28th. We found out rather quickly that organising concerts is bloody hard work; the relief after everything went well was manifest in the amount of beer that we drank… These things do happen.

Anyway, we took the time off to tweak some of the site, hopefully by the time you read this you will notice that we have a new homepage, improved with you the reader in mind! We even tell you what’s in the magazine. Bloody hell… You will also notice that there is a new search engine at the bottom of the page, enabling you to look quickly for an article about your favourite group or artiste.

Please check out all our new writers who have astonished me with the quality of the articles thay have produced. I think this month’s edition contains some of the strongest writing this magazine has had the pleasure to present in its short life.

Another innovation that shall appear soon is Radio Incendiary where we’ll stick up our favourite tracks du jour, or just stuff that’s interesting us. We are branching out into audio interviews too, along with our good friends at Toazted. This month you can hear an interview we did with legendary Echo & the Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant. Click on over to our interviews section, and you’ll find a link there.

Oh, and a final thing. We are going to try to get the magazine out on the first of each month. I know it’s taken us a year to do this, but please remember that we all hold down full time jobs and in many cases, second jobs too. We write this magazine for fun and for free, so please, have a little patience…


TTFN Richard.