Sugar and Gold – Creme

More Tom Tom Club than Scissor Sisters

More Tom Tom Club than Scissor Sisters

A friend of mine once described San Francisco to me as one giant dance floor with lots of hills. Personally, I thought she was talking a load of shite, but after listening to Sugar and Gold’s debut album – perhaps she has a point. Actually, she doesn’t, what she said is still a load of bollocks, but Sugar and Gold hail from San Francisco and I can guarantee you this – if they were playing in your local club – you’d be dancing like it was 1979 all over again. So, what do you get if you cross an American and a German with four female backing singers? Basically, George Clinton meets Kraftwerk. That’s right people, this is some funky electro shit and it will turn every night into Friday night if you’re not careful.


Yes, Creme may return to the flourescent dance floors of the 1970’s but this is no pointless rip off. More Tom Tom Club than Scissor Sisters, this has some top notch band work going on. Wonderful chord and time changes abound, impressive vocal harmonies lay around every corner and dotted all over the place are the type of infectious, poppy hooks you haven’t heard the likes of since you first found yourself dancing to The Hustle.


Make this the soundtrack to your next party and people will be shagging all over the house. Nuff said.


Words : Damian Leslie