We Swim You Jump – Sharks EP

the sound of a band full of promise



Another little gem from the Subroutine Records label and proof once again, that Holland really does have a fine underground music scene going on at the moment. We Swim You Jump take some Elliott Smith vocal stylings and stick them on top of some wonderfully catchy pop hooks. The arrangements are really clever too and there’s a lot more than the bog standard three chord indie-pop blather going on here. Check out the intricate guitars in Sparks Fade Out and the oh so wonderful nah nah nah sections of 1234 especially. All in all this is the kind of EP that just fills us with excitement. It’s the sound of a band full of promise, and if they can kick into gear and produce a long-player of the same quality as this, then we’ll all be better off for it. We Swim, You Jump. I’ll be watching.


Great stuff.


Words: Damian Leslie