Kacey Johansing – Many Seasons

a hypnotic and captivating record

a hypnotic and captivating record



Every now and again you’ll turn on the radio and out of the midst of the generic noise that fills the airwaves, something wonderful emerges. A voice, an artist that makes you sit up and pay attention. Someone that makes you want to find out more about them before the song has even finished and the very first thing you want to do when you’ve heard that song is to hear it again as soon as possible. If only to ensure that your first reactions can be trusted. It’s a great feeling, that moment when something just sounds so precise, so perfect.

That connection is what we all look for when searching out new music. Something that speaks to you as if you were the only one listening. As if the song was written explicitly for you. It doesn’t happen often, mind you. It happened to me with Kacey Johansing though.


Precise, clear, crystalline almost in its construction, Many Seasons is a hypnotic and captivating record. I’d invite all fans of Beth Orton and Feist, to an extent, to search this album out immediately. I’d also ask the rest of you to give it a chance because the girl has a voice that could soothe a sore head better than a couple of Aspirin. It’s a quiet, reflective album, perfect for a rainy Sunday morning but there’s an offbeat, almost quirky sense of humour shining through this album (check out the whistling on Oh, Brother) that stops it short of getting too maudlin and downbeat.

All that really needs to be said, however, is that this is a near impeccable piece of work that announces the emergence of an artist of real promise and talent. This star is shining very brightly indeed.

Recommended most highly.