Loden – Buggy

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A beautiful release from one of Belgium’s finest; Buggy is a record that is fizzy and joyous: full of blurps squeaks and daft cut ups that really are the hallmark of a fine electronic record.

Opening “snippet” News is a floaty harmonious divertissement before the muscular punchy rhythms of Twerk really get matters rolling on the record. Twerk has a lovely counter-melody (in the form of a nebulous synth noise – it’s the best way that I can think to describe it) that floats in at appropriate moments to reenergize the beat.

Marrying winsome melodies with cut ups and breaks seem to be Loden’s forte. Sunday Sierra Boxes uses a keyboard sound from a track off Julian Cope’s first Rite LP, (though it must be complete coincidence as I doubt whether Loden’s heard that LP), and constructs a dreamy swathe of synth noise over a determined plodding beat. By contrast, Mick’s Kills is based round a bouncing bass and granules of electronic noise form a rhythm and melody of sorts.  Rubber Floors Give More Bounce for its part boasts a muffled voice and a wobbly set against the fractionalized taps and thumps. Hordeloop has a touch of the Moby’s about it; (it’s the wash of synths more than anything).

Favourite tracks are hard to pick, not only because all the tracks are great, but also simply because Buggy is so enjoyable as an uninterrupted listen. If pressed we’ll cite the metallic sub Human League trance of Eetjes (even if it is only about a minute long) and the party bleeps of Alice Go Go Go.

I think we’ve said enough – apart from get hold of this LP.